[What is an account]

"Account" is a page where you can check / change the member information registered in ONLINE STORE and check the order information.
* You need to log in in advance to check or change each item.


[Product delivery period]

· Regular product: 10-15 days from the date of order
· Reserved items: About 3 weeks from the date of order (see the product details page for details)
· Craftsman Made Leather Series: About 40 days from the date of order

* Business day standard (excluding weekends and holidays)
* The estimated delivery date may change due to production reasons.

If you do not receive the item within 4 weeks from the business day standard, please contact customer support.

* Order date = payment confirmation date (not the order date)

* Currently, we are unable to confirm the telephone number, etc., and we have confirmed many cases where delivery is delayed.

When you place an order, please make sure that your name, phone number, and address are correct before placing your order.

[Payment method]

· Credit card payment
·Carrier payment (docomo payment, SoftBank collective payment, au payment)

· Smartphone payment (PayPay / LINEPay)
· Deferred payment
· Amazon Pay
· Rakuten Pay
It is possible to use.

* For customers who choose postpaid payment

The invoice will be mailed 7-10 days after the item arrives, so please check your order and make payment within the deadline.
In some cases, the credit check may not pass. Please note that we do not know the details of the examination.
For more details, please use the Kuroneko postpaid service.clickPlease check.


[Cancellation of product after order completion]

Please note that you cannot cancel your order once it has been completed.

Please confirm and understand the refund policy before placing an order.

Due to the circumstances of our production partners, we may not be able to confirm your order because it is out of stock. If it is out of stock, we will cancel it.

[Changing the color and size of the product after completing the order]

Please contact PLUM STORE Customer Support within 24 hours of completing your order and we will accept your request if it is in stock in your desired color and size.
Please note that the product cannot be changed.

[Return / Exchange after shipment]

Please note that we do not accept any returns of products due to customer's convenience.

We will accept exchanges due to customer's convenience if you contact PLUM STORE Customer Support within 3 days after the item arrives. In that case, the shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

* Replacement is limited to one time due to customer's convenience.
* Please note that we will not be able to accept replacement products if they are out of stock. 

Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges for the following products.

(1) Products that have been scratched or soiled due to the customer's responsibility
(2) Products that have passed 3 days after the product arrived
③ Products that have been used even once, products that have been washed, and products that have been repaired
④ Products that inform you that you cannot return or exchange at the time of sale
⑤ Items with lost accessories or parts
⑥ Items that have been lost or have been separated from the delivery note / product tag / label
⑦ Sale items

* We cannot accept returns due to fraying or wrinkles.
Some fraying may occur depending on the production process. Please note that.

 Without contacting usIf the item is returned orIf there is any discrepancy with the contents of the reception, we will not be able to respond at all.If you wish to exchange or return the product, please be sure to contact customer support. We will inform you about the details later.

PLUM STORE Customer Support:contact@plumstore.jp
Customer support Business hours: (Monday) to (Friday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
You can also contact us using the email address above or the contact form.
It may take 2 business days to reply. Please understand.

* For inquiries after ordering, please enter your order number so that we can respond smoothly.


[When a defective product arrives]

If the item that arrives is "defective" or "misdelivered", we are very sorry, but PLUM STORE within 5 days after the item arrives.Customer supportPlease contact us. We will respond by exchange.

* If a replacement product cannot be prepared, we will respond by returning it.


[About gift wrapping]

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to our logistics system, we are currently unable to accept wrapping. We will prepare a system to meet the needs of our customers in the future, so please wait for a while.


[Bundled with separate orders]

It is not possible to deliver separate orders together. Please note.