About delivery and returns

[Delivery period]

· Usual products:10-15day level
· Reserved items:3About a week
* Business day standard (excluding weekends and holidays)

* The estimated delivery date may change due to production reasons. In that case, we will contact you. * This item cannot be delivered on the specified date.

[Cancellation / Return]

Cancellation after order confirmation · We cannot accept returns, so please check in advance.
If you find any defective products, please contact customer support.

[Official website display / shipping fee]

・ All prices include tax.
・ Shipping: 800 yen (tax included) /Okinawa 1,300 yen (tax included)
15,000Free shipping on purchases over JPY


[Payment method]

· Credit card payment
· Convenience store settlement
· Deferred payment
· Amazon PayIt is possible to use.

* For customers who choose postpaid payment
The invoice will be mailed 7-10 days after the item arrives, so please check your order and make payment within the deadline.

* The product image is taken so that it is close to the actual color, but the color may differ from the actual product depending on the terminal and lighting you are using.
* In addition, due to the characteristics of sewing, there may be some errors in the size and dimensions.